One of the most effective ways to raise awareness, advance research and educate the public about ALS/MND is to “put a face on the disease.” Although Ryan is the main beneficiary, other MND/ALS families are indirectly benefitting from the numerous medical trials Ryan has taken part in over the past 4 years, as well as the endless research the foundation conducts. The purpose of the foundation is to help Ryan live the remainder of his life with dignity, and to remain as healthy and proactive with treatments as possible. We are willing to try everything that is on offer and promise to keep looking for a cure or a better quality of life for both Ryan and other families affected by MND/ALS.

The Ryan Walker Foundation is a registered trust (IT020181/2014) with four trustees:
Ryan Walker
Paula Walker
Mark Davies
Brett Walker
 Funds raised in 2018 for the Ryan Walker Foundations
 Funds Raised For Ryan Walker in 2016  Funds Raised For Ryan Walker in 2017
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The trust is independently audited by CERTA AUDITING in Nottingham Road and is overseen by an accountant, a doctor and a lawyer. No decisions are made lightly or without the trustee’s consent.


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Q: What medication and supplements are you currently taking?


Q: What therapies do you think have contributed to your slower progression of the disease?
A: Physiotherapy, Pilates, Deep Tissue/Sports Massage, ReflexologyCannabis OilWahls ProtocolWinks Green machine


Q: Which neurologists have you been examined by?
A:  Dr Wolpe, Entabeni Hospital, Durban
     Professor Ammar Al-Chalabi, head of Neurology at King’s MND Care and Research centre, London
     Dr Merit E Cudkowicz, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston
     Dr Jody Pearl, Sunninghill Hospital, Johannesburg
     Dr Judy Green, St Augustines Hospital, Durban


Q: What advice would you give to someone newly diagnosed?
A: Contact Stephen and Barbra Buyer from ALS World Wide. This family has supported us with firsthand knowledge of the disease as well as provide guidance, compassion and hope. 


Q: What treatment and medical trials have you participated in since being diagnosed?


Q: Anything in the pipeline?


Q. What keeps you so positive despite the daily challenges of living with this disease?

A: Having a purpose: being a supportive husband, loving & protective father and a passionate farmer. I would love to walk my girls down the aisle one day!


Dr Merit E Cudokowicz, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston

St Augustine’s Hospital, Hyperbaric Medicine Centre

Ryan Walker at the Apherisis Centre, Cape Town