Walks4Walks 2017

2017 – A year full of the good things

2017 has been another year full of blessings, hope and love. Treatment wise, we’re still persevering and doing everything we can to fight this disease and we remain positive and hopeful. We’re eternally grateful for the generosity shown towards our attempts to raise awareness, research and ultimately find a cure for MND and, as a […]


Spring 2017

I cannot believe that 9 months have gone by since my last update! We were warned at the outset when establishing the R. W. Foundation that foundations by nature, generally have great momentium initially, but then experience ” fatigue” by  losing support. I’m proud to say that Southern Lone Star have chosen R. W. F. as […]

Happy New Year friends and family. A busy start to 2017 with farming, visits from the QuadPara association and a family trail run coming soon

January 2017 – Happy New Year

HAPPY NEW YEAR family and friends! A bit late, but I truly hope this update finds each one of you happy and healthy. I’m going to keep this one short! I am fortunate enough to be a farmer, which does not feel like an occupation, it feels more like a privilege. I have grown up […]

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2016 – Looking Forward

2015 was a tough year for a lot of people. The ongoing drought has put increased pressure on the farming community and related industries. The SA government continues to embarrass itself with outrageous policies and statements, causing confidence and the Rand to fall to an all time low.

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Ryan’s update – September 2015

August was ice bucket month. In 2015 this initiative raised over $24 million in the USA which is amazing. Endorsed by lots of celebrities and sports personalities, this movement has created unbelievable awareness for ALS.

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Farm Life – June 2015

Having sold our house in Nottingham road due to the stairs becoming too difficult, we have moved into a cottage on the family farm. We are all very happy here and are enjoying having cows, horses and motorbikes on our front lawn. From what feels like a frantic couple of months, It feels wonderful to […]

Ryan's Trip to USA

Ryan’s Trip To The USA

Our trip to the USA was hugely positive and we made some special memories. I am now surprisingly endeared to the Americans and found them to be polite, sincere and very helpful. I look forward to going back some day soon.

Cape Town Apherisis ‘detox’ Feb 2015

Ryan Walker February Update

After some big expectations that I had regarding stem cells and the massive potential that they hold, my disappointment was bigger.



The Ryan Walker Foundation would like to invite you to the biggest beerfest this side of Germany! On Saturday, October 18th, the Midlands will be flowing with food and drink as we celebrate this event.


Ryan Walker Update From India

With regards to the stem cell treatment, I am coming up to the 80-90 day benchmark for the motor neurons to be fully functional. My subjective opinion is as follows: I had about 40-60 days after the stem cell therapy where i felt very little, if any degeneration. In days 60-80, I have unfortunately felt […]


Ryan Walker AAM Announcement

As many of you may or may not know – some of Ryan’s mates have been extremely generous and thoughtful by putting together a stock sale that will be held in Mooi River tomorrow which will be in support of the Ryan Walker Foundation.


Ryan Walker Update

I’m going to start off by thanking everyone again, as I feel that I cannot thank all of you enough for all the support I have been shown.


Ryan Walker Update

I just wanted to start off by saying how incredibly overwhelmed I am with all the support I have received from everyone over the past few weeks. It’s really been incredible and I need to just personally thank each and every one of you. It’s been truly humbling to receive the type of support that […]